Our passion is to provide a safe clean environment for horses to thrive, with the highest attention to nutrition and overall good health: and for riders to learn and to have fun.


Our facility has two arenas, one covered, a round pen, access to miles of trails, mud free paddocks, and over 11 acres of pasture for turnout. You can expect your horse to be checked on multiple times daily, as well as a nightly check each evening. Keeping close watch ensures identifying any potential health issues early, providing peace of mind for owners.

We continually strive to better our facility through the best land stewardship policies, improvements to the property, as well as ongoing education in nutrition and overall horse care. 

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Riding disciplines at JVR are various. There are show horses, pleasure riders, as well as retired horses. Holly Gellner with Avichouser Stables is the trainer at JVR. She has a multi- disciplined approach to teaching both rider and horse. She specializes in the Morgan horse circuit, receiving honors at every level of performance, including world championships.